Studio Nia

Who am I

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist based in Antwerp

Working in the field of the interconnectedness between mental health and social injustice

“Meeting the criteria for being well-adjusted to current conditions in the dominant system is not necessarily an indication of wellness”

You can contact me for

  • Individual sessions and group therapy sessions (live and online)
  • Talks, panel discussions, podcasts & consultancy on mental health, diversity and trauma related topics

Emotion-Focused Therapy

With a focus on embodied emotions which means dealing with (emotional) stress and stuck emotions,

that are the result of:

  • Intergenerational trauma and attachment wounds
  • AND/OR Social injustice, inequity and racism

What to expect?

  • Emotion Focused Therapy means that we work with our emotions, not against them
  • In the sessions we follow whatever emotion comes up, which leads us to the core pain. Arriving at the root of what causes your stuckness or distress we try to uncover which basic need is not being satisfied. In the sessions we seek to understand the link between your symptoms and the underlying need. Together we search for more productive ways to get you wat you need and deserve.